March 22, 2023

Marvel Studios shared a lot of exciting announcements and footage this past weekend at Disney’s D23 Expo. However, it seems that the X-Men aren’t a part of Marvel’s plans.

There was speculation that Marvel would announce Fantastic Four‘s cast, along with updates regarding X-Men and World War Hulk, but focus remained on Werewolf by Night, Ant-Man 3, Loki Season 2 and Ironheart, among others.

X-Men Comics

Marvel is wrapping up Phase 4 with Black Panther 2, and Phase 5 is packed with various series and films. According to Deadline reporter Justin Kroll, a writer for X-Men has been hired, however, “this film isn’t happening for a very long time.” It’s likely that X-Men will not receive any updates until Phase 6’s conclusion.

Justin Kroll Tweets Regarding X-Men

Although X-Men won’t officially be introduced until Phase 6 or 7, there have been small introductions. In Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness there was a variant of Professor Xavier. Disney+ series, Ms. Marvel also introduced the term “Mutant” in the season finale. Hopefully, this is setting up for an earlier introduction of the X-Men.

Source: Fandom Wire

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