March 29, 2023

Two Witches is a two-story anthology film by Pierre Tsigaridis that is both creepy and goofy.

Belle Adams as Sarah


The film is split into two. The first part (“The Boogeywoman”) focuses on an expectant couple, Sarah (Belle Adams) and Simon (Ian Michaels). Sarah is convinced that she has been cursed, but her partner thinks otherwise. When they go to visit their friends, Melissa (Dina Silva) and Dustin (Tim Fox), Melissa who is a self-proclaimed witch, believes that she can help Sarah by using a Ouija board. Unfortunately, this leads to the darkness fully exposing itself.

The second part (“Masha”) focuses on two roommates, Rachel (Kristina Klebe) and Masha (Rebekah Kennedy). Masha knows that she has powers and is waiting for her grandmother to die to pass them to her. Rachel becomes increasingly concerned when Masha’s creepiness and manipulation grow more apparent. However, nobody can escape Masha once you are in her sights.

Rebekah Kennedy as Masha


The film’s strengths were definitely in its visuals. It featured a cool, vibrant palette with high contrast, perfect for the mood of the film. There were a lot of creepy scenes, with the film starting off with the shock of seeing a witch devouring a baby. Shadows and darkness also added to the eeriness, often times revealing a spooky surprise. The blood and gore also looked really realistic.

Rebekah Kennedy as Masha


The film featured creepy instrumentals that worked perfectly with the mood of the film. They also would add to the many jump scares in the film.

Film still from Two Witches


Adams and Kennedy in particular shined as their respective characters. The rest of the acting was good, with the exception of some cringey moments that I’m not sure was due to directing or the writing. The faces that some of the characters would make felt over-the-top and would take away from the creepiness. Also, I didn’t really grow to care for any of the characters.

Dina Silva as Melissa


Two Witches felt like two totally different movies, despite there being an obvious connection throughout the film. I preferred the first part, which felt more concise and definitely a lot creepier. The second part wasn’t necessarily bad, but the goofiness felt ridiculous at times. Despite these flaws, don’t let that deter you from watching. Overall, it’s a fun movie to start off the spooky season.

Two Witches is currently streaming on Arrow.

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