March 29, 2023

The Blood of the Dinosaurs is a short by Joe Badon. It is set up in a way that is reminiscent of children’s shows, except it’s much darker and surreal.

The Blood of the Dinosaurs Poster


The film follows a children’s show host, Uncle Bobbo, as he teaches children where oil comes from. Uncle Bobbo is constantly disassociating, and you’re introduced to his darker thoughts. Eventually, through creepy and metaphorical imagery, you realize this story is really about birth and reincarnation. It features plenty of humorous moments and an overall, eerie feel.


The colors are bright, but also muted. It definitely brought memories of watching shows such as, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. I loved the playfulness and interaction of using toys and animation to visualize certain scenes, such as the beginning with the dinosaurs. The additional drawings and animations in the short were also really cool. All of this definitely contrasted with creepy elements throughout the short.

The Blood of the Dinosaurs Film Still


I loved the way that the music would interchange between lighthearted and creepy. The music was used perfectly to add to the mood of the film. I also enjoyed the goofy sound effects.


There definitely was intentional awkwardness and creepiness in the show’s host, Uncle Bobbo. Purity, on the other hand, is Uncle Bobbo’s contrasting character, as she is sweet and innocent. Initially introduced as a young girl, you eventually see Purity as a grown woman.

The Blood of the Dinosaurs Film Still


If you have the chance to watch The Blood of the Dinosaurs, watch it. It’s both goofy and creepy, and a fun watch. I’m not sure if this is available to watch anywhere, but you can watch the trailer on YouTube to get a feel for the film.

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