March 22, 2023

Everyone Will Burn (Y Todos Arderán) is a dramatic Spanish horror written and directed by David Hebrero.

Everyone Will Burn


Everyone Will Burn follows a María José (Macarena Gómez), a grief-stricken mother who is preparing to end her life following the death of her only child. Her plans are interrupted when a strange girl appears named Lucía. Lucía (Sofía García) appears to be connected to a local legend that deals with interrupting the impending apocalypse. Together, María José and Lucía face the corrupt community, triggering strange occurrences and grisly deaths.

Everyone Will Burn


The film featured beautiful color palette featuring a lot of contrast and hyper focus on characters. There was a lot of play with shadow and lighting. I really loved the ending that was drenched in red to coincide with the blood moon.

Everyone Will Burn


With a major emphasis on María José and Lucía, we see an uncanny but sweet relationship develop between the two characters. Gómez did an incredible job bringing extreme emotion to her role as a grief-stricken and then vengeful mother. It was interesting to see the interaction between Gomez’s character and García’s character, as each would have a lot of push and pull in their relationship. Likewise, the supporting cast all did a great job, particularly, Ana Milán, who played another mother in the film, Tere.

Everyone Will Burn


I thought the story was interesting and I really felt for María José. Although María José and Lucía committed extreme acts, I still sided with them and thought that what they were doing was justified. My only gripe with the film is that the tone changed in a weird way the second half of the film. It started off really serious and creepy, and then it turned quite goofy. I also feel like it could have been a bit shorter, however, I think it was really good overall. Also, if you get a chance to watch it, make sure to watch out for the after credits scene!

You can watch the trailer for Everyone Will Burn on YouTube.

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