March 29, 2023

After the worldwide success of Matt Reeves’, The Batman, which grossed 770.8 million worldwide, a sequel is currently in the works.

The Batman (2022)

The film stars Robert Pattinson (Batman) and Zoë Kravitz (Catwoman). Additional cast include Paul Dano (The Riddler), Colin Farrell (Penguin), and John Turturro (Carmine Falcone). In addition to the development of a sequel, a spinoff series focusing on Farrell’s Penguin is on its way next year.

Penguin (Colin Farrell)

In addition, Reeves plans on expanding The Batman universe by exploring several other characters. Reeves has reportedly been meeting with directors and writers to work on films exploring villains such as Scarecrow and Professor Pyg, among others.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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