March 29, 2023

V/H/S/99 - Photo Credit: Shudder

V/H/S 99 is an anthology horror film directed by Maggie Levin (“Shredding”), Johannes Roberts (“Suicide Bid”), Flying Lotus (“Ozzy’s Dungeon”), Tyler MacIntyre (“Gawkers”), and Vanessa and Joseph Winter (“To Hell and Back”).

V/H/S/99 – Photo Credit: Shudder


The film features five different stories focusing on found footage. Each short film has a unique story. Starting with “Shredding” by Levin, this focuses on a band who aspire to be like their favorite band, Bitch Cat. “Suicide Bid” by Roberts sees a college-aged girl desperate to join a sorority. “Ozzy’s Dungeon” by Flying Lotus features a game show that promises to grant the winner their wish. “Gawkers” by MacIntyre focuses on peeping Toms. Lastly, “To Hell and Back” lands Nate (Archelaus B. Crisanto) and Troy (Joseph Winter) in hell.

V/H/S/99 – Photo Credit: Shudder


All of the shorts did a great job fitting the time period. From the costumes to the set of each short, you definitely felt like you were watching something from 1999. I think most of the effects in the film were really good. Particularly, the shocking leg break in “Ozzy’s Dungeon” looked extremely convincing and gruesome. Also, “To Hell and Back” amazed me with the various creatures and monsters that we see their rendition of hell.

V/H/S/99 – Photo Credit: Shudder


All of the acting throughout the various shorts was spot-on. In particular, Steven Ogg (who does great in all of his roles), played the perfect game show host in “Ozzy’s Dungeon”. I also really loved Sonya Eddy in “Ozzy’s Dungeon” who played a maniacal and hilarious character. In addition, “To Hell and Back” featured several actors that I thought were a lot of fun. Melanie Stone as Mabel definitely cracked me up with her crazy demeanor, and I loved the interaction between Nate (Archelaus B. Crisanto) and Troy (Joseph Winter).

V/H/S/99 – Photo Credit: Shudder


I really enjoyed V/H/S 99. My favorite shorts were “To Hell and Back”, “Ozzy’s Dungeon”, and “Shredders”. “To Hell and Back” was both fun and super creepy. Likewise, “Ozzy’s Dungeon” was also really funny and shocking. Both these shorts also had really good effects. “Ozzy’s Dungeon” in particular really felt like I was watching a game show from the late 90s. I thought that “Shredders” was also really cool and I really like the song that Bitch Cat played. I definitely recommend checking out V/H/S 99 if you have the chance!

V/H/S 99 premieres October 20 on Shudder.

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