March 22, 2023

Fans of the Silent Hill franchise will be excited to hear of all of the new updates from Konami, including a Silent Hill 2 remake, a brand-new game, and a film.

Silent Hill 2

Bloober Team, the developers behind Layers of Fear and Blair Witch, will be working on the Silent Hill 2 remake. It will be exclusive to PS5 and PC for the first 12 months. It does not have a release date at the moment.

Silent Hill F

There are also plans for three new Silent Hill games. Silent Hill: Ascension is an interactive game that involves players making decisions on who will live and die. The second game, Silent Hill: Townfall, is being developed by No Code Studio and Annapurna Interactive. Silent Hill F will be set in 1960s Japan. The teaser trailer shows spore-like vines consuming a town and a girl. It ends with a grisly scene of her face falling off.

In addition, Konami is teaming up with Christophe Gans, director of Silent Hill (2006) to make a new film based on Silent Hill 2. Gans and producer Victor Hadida emphasize that there will be a respect to the game while also bringing an “immersive” and “new experience.”

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