March 29, 2023

A Life on the Farm is a documentary by Oscar Harding.


The documentary takes place in Somerset, England and follows a Charles Carson, a farmer who happens to make home movies. Carson’s films highlight the loneliness of farm-life. It also touches on the desire to be an artist and to be seen, and the effects of aging.

A Life on the Farm (2022)


There is a mix of Carson’s home videos along with interview footage. Carson’s videos are what struck me the most throughout the documentary. It features several of Carson’s films, which include both humorous and disturbing scenes. There is footage of invented stories, of beloved pets that have passed away, and even the death of his mother.

A Life on the Farm (2022)

Who’s In It?

The film includes interviews with the director, along with family and friends of Carson. Additionally, people interested in found footage (Joe Pickett, Nick Prueher, Karen Kilgariff, Derrick Beckles.) Everybody included provided an interesting perspective on Carson as a person and artist.


If you have an interest in found footage, this is definitely the documentary for you. Although there is some humor in the film, it will definitely get you in your feelings. As strange as it may have been for Carson to film certain moments, this was his way of processing life. And as was mentioned in the film, I think he would’ve found joy in knowing his life was being shared on a larger scale.

A Life on the Farm (2022)

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