March 29, 2023

Blumhouse and Atomic Monster have been behind some of the biggest horror franchises in modern time. Halloween and The Conjuring amongst the names of franchises that the companies have brought to the big screen. Jason Blum And James Wan who have both made horror a staple and box office hit could be reaching a deal soon to merge both companies. This would not be the first time the duo have teamed up with one of the earliest being during 2007 Insidious and the upcoming M3GAN.

The deal would reach beyond the film sector and go into other experiences such as video games, audio, and even virtual reality. Wan’s Atomic Monster had a deal with Warner Bros up until the Summer so it looks like the new deal could help them find a home with Universal where Blumhouse has some history. The deal would give them a first look with the massive studio and could definitely add to Universals horror nights.

It will be an interesting deal if it does go through and could really shape the future of horror once finalized. The two companies would still have creative control over each of their works and also be independent of one another but be under the same house. We will see their next outing together with the upcoming M3GAN movie which might be a hit. The viral trailer has spawned memes and internet went crazy with it but the true test will be the box office next year.

What are your thoughts on Atomic Monster and Blumhouse potentially merging?

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