March 29, 2023

Indiana Jones is back, and we have our first look at Harrison Ford as the famous Indiana Jones for Mangolds take on the legendary character. We haven’t had an Indiana Jones movie since Kingdom of The Crystal Skull so it’s great to come back to this world. The fifth film in the franchise has gone through several hands over the years even Spielberg was attached just a couple of years ago. The movie was ultimately passed on to James Mangold who of course was the perfect fit after the masterpiece that was Logan. Today we have been blessed with a first look at Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones from Empire take a look!

The cover looks amazing and it’s great to see Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. We have yet to receive a trailer, but it will most likely be coming our way in time for Thanksgiving to play when everyone seems to be at home. The film is slated for release June 30, 2023, and with details kept under wraps it’s sure to be special.

What do you think of our first look at Indiana Jones, and will you be watching the movie?

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