March 29, 2023

The Blade movie from Marvel has been one everyone’s been keeping an eye on for some time especially after the departure of previous director Bassam Tariq.  Mahershala Ali is still set to star as the titular character in the movie, the film has now found its new director and its a solid choice. Yann Demange has been set to direct the Marvel Studio Blade movie as reported by The Hollywood Reporter to be the new director leading the paused project. There will also be a new script redone by writer Michael Starrbury and the film is still looking to start production next year.

Yann Demange is also working on an HBO series of David Cronenbergs movie Scanners so he is no new comer to horror. Demange also worked on the pilot epiosde for Lovecraft Country which really helped to set the dark tone of the series on HBO Max. Michael Starrbury penned an episode for Ava Duvernay’s When They See Us so the script seems to be in good hands as well.

Blade is definitely one of Marvels most hyped projects ever since its announcement a couple of years ago so the anticipation is definitely feverish. It was good however that Marvel paused everything while they tried to find the right person to bring the vision to life. This meant that the rewrite of the original script was necessary and we will be anticipating the movie once it releases in 2024. In the meantime make sure to stick around here for all the latest in pop culture news as well as your Marvel news!

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