March 29, 2023

Netflix has landed the live-action film adaptation of My Hero Academia from producer Legendary Entertainment.

This will be producer-director Shinsuke Sato’s English-language film debut, with screenplay by Joby Harold.

My Hero Academia is a Japanese superhero manga series written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi. It is one of the most popular manga series in the world and has been adapted into an animated series that is currently on its sixth season.

The series is set in a world where eighty percent of the world has developed a power known as a “quirk”. However, superhero fanboy Izuku Midoriya (aka Deku) was born without a power. This crushes his dream of going to U.A. High School, the most prestigious hero training academy. But, after a chance encounter with All Might (the greatest hero in the world), Midoriya vows to work as hard as he can, quirk or no quirk, to become the greatest hero.

There is no word on casting.

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