March 29, 2023

We got to watch M3GAN a little ahead of its release date, and it was definitely a fun watch.


Following the tragic death of her parents, Cady is taken under her aunt, Gemma’s care. Overwhelmed with the idea of taking care of a child, Gemma rushes to complete her life-like doll, M3GAN. Powered by artificial intelligence, M3GAN is continuously learning about her environment and those around her. However, after pairing M3GAN with Cady, the unimaginable happens.


The film is visually a lot of fun. I especially love M3GAN’s design, which was equally inviting and creepy. Additionally, I was surprised by the amount of gore for a PG-13 film.


I think everyone’s acting was good and I enjoyed everyone’s bits of comedy. I was surprisingly touched by M3GAN (voiced by Jenna Davis) and Cady’s (Violet McGraw) relationship.


M3GAN I would say is more of a comedy than a straight horror, so if you go with that in mind, I think you will really enjoy it. Of course, it had some jump scares, and even gore, but I wasn’t particularly scared or creeped out. It was a lot of fun, and although I wasn’t cracking up like the rest of the crowd, I did crack a smile (and even shed a tear!)

M3GAN releases January 6, 2023.

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