March 29, 2023

The asymmetrical multiplayer horror game, Dead by Daylight is known for having a multitude of horror icons as playable characters, one of which is Leatherface.

Unfortunately, Leatherface is rumored to be leaving the Dead by Daylight store soon. With the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre game releasing in the coming year, leaks are already coming out of Leatherface’s removal from Dead by Daylight. The news has not yet been officially released yet, but a well-known leaker broke the news. The Twitter user @LeaksDbd confirmed the rumors going around about this situation saying it has months left before the iconic character leaves the game.

A similar thing happened almost 2 years ago with the Stranger Things DLC. Stranger Things also has plans to create their own game, so this led to the characters being removed from the Dead by Daylight store.

Players have a limited amount of time to buy Leatherface or any cosmetics involving that specific DLC before it’s gone. The character, however, will continue to be playable as long as you have purchased it before the removal from the store.

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