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‘Talk to Me’ Review [Sundance Film Festival]


Talk to Me is a film directed by Danny and Michael Philippou (Rackaracka), with screenplay by Danny Philippou and Bill Hinzman. Principle cast includes Sophie Wilde, Alexandra Jensen, Joe Bird, Miranda Otto, Otis Dhanji, and Zoe Terakes.


On the anniversary of her mother’s death, Mia (Sophie Wilde) is looking for a distraction. Intrigued by the latest viral party game, which involves conjuring spirits, Mia has no hesitation in participating. The seance involves grabbing onto a creepy hand, stating, “talk to me”, and ultimately inviting the spirit “in”. The process involves a set time limit to the whole process. However, once Mia gets a taste, she’s hooked, and bends the rules of the seance, leading to horrific consequences.


The gore in this film is intense and graphic, so if you aren’t comfortable with these sorts of things, I would avoid watching this movie. Personally, this doesn’t bother me, and I was really impressed with the special effects and makeup. Overall, the film has a very youthful look and energy.


All of the cast’s performances were awesome, especially lead actress Sophie Wilde. Wilde’s performance seemed to be physically and mentally draining, with the film focusing mainly on her. Her character was in a constant state of panic and guilt that follows cohesively throughout the film. Wilde is an amazing actress and I’m excited to see more from her.


Talk to Me is a film that I’m excited to watch again whenever I have the chance. Right from the start, it starts off crazy and never slows down. The film leans more in the horror direction, but there is some humor scattered throughout that definitely hits. It’s an exciting experience with a full theater, so whenever it releases, I would make it a priority to watch it opening night.

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