March 29, 2023

Superman: Legacy will be the first film that will be part of Chapter 1 of the DC Universe.

James Gunn will be writing the script for Superman: Legacy

Co-Chairman and CEO, James Gunn confirmed on social media that he is writing the Superman reboot and that Henry Cavill would not return to play Superman. It is undecided who will direct the film, but Co-Chairman and CEO, Peter Safran hopes that Gunn will take the role. Additionally, no actor has yet been attached to the iconic role.

Superman: Legacy is about Clark juggling his dual identities: Kryptonian and human. They also said that Superman will be a beacon of “kindness in a world that thinks kindness is old-fashioned.” The film will be a launching point for many other potential DC films.

Superman: Legacy is set to release July 11, 2025.

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