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‘Knock At The Cabin’ Review: Will You Answer The Knock From Bautista?


Knock At The Cabin will ask you to answer the most important question: will you be able to make a choice if Bautista asks you? In all seriousness, M. Night Shyalaman’s latest film is definitely his most ambitious yet. Knock at The Cabin is based off the book, The Cabin At The End of The World from author Paul Tremblay. The film follows a couple and their daughter as they are relaxing out in the wilderness in a you guessed it, a cabin. Everything is going great until four strangers arrive. The new guests then ask the small family to make a choice between keeping their family or sacrificing one of their own to save the world from an imminent apocalypse.

Incredible Acting

Dave Bautista is a clear stand out here with a performance that keeps solidifying him as one of the best working actors right now. This is of course not to knock out any of the other cast because they all do such a great job at portraying desperation and uncertainty. The couple played by Ben Aldridge and Jonathan Groff have tremendous chemistry as well. Nikki Amuka-Bird, Abby Quinn and Rupert Grint all are outstanding in bringing their complex characters to life. In a movie that is filled with very close up and unorthodox shots it asks a lot from the actors to make these characters believable, which they all do.

A Nail Biter of A Movie!

M. Night also has some angles and shots that really make the film feel claustrophobic as well as off-putting in a way that makes sense. It starts to feel like you’re trapped in here with these people, wondering if they are telling the truth or not about what’s happening in the world. The story and directing really have one on the edge of their seat wondering what’s coming next. A real nail biter of a movie that doesn’t let go until the very end. It will definitely not float with some people but for me it worked and even got me emotional.

While being enjoyable, the film does have some flaws with pacing throughout as well as shying away from some of the violence. There are moments when you expect to see something happen only for the camera to move away, which at times can be effective. However, with the context behind the movie I feel the message would be more driven home if the camera had lingered a bit especially with an R-rating. It might lose some with it’s pacing and story that becomes a bit weak towards the last 15 minutes but overall, by the time the credits roll it feels complete.

In the end, with Knock at The Cabin you have a movie that has amazing performances from the whole ensemble and amazing camera work from Shyamalan. It’s definitely a movie with a lot of heart at it’s core about forgiveness, unity and humanity that might leave you with a couple of tears. A movie that I will definitely need to see again for its performances alone and its wild turns. Will you be answering the knock at the cabin this weekend?

We Give Knock At The Cabin 3.75/5

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