March 29, 2023

Avatar 2 continues to reign at the box office and Cameron has confirmed sequels will follow if it proves successful. Avatar 3 has already been filmed by Cameron and work on Avatar 4 is underway. The Avatar franchise is set to introduce a new, more hostile tribe, different from any seen previously in the series.

Producer Jon Landau describes the new tribe, the Ash People, as “an aggressive, volcanic race.” Oona Chaplin will play their leader, Varang, in the upcoming movie. Chaplin’s casting was confirmed and has been a topic of speculation among fans since she praised the 2008 film Avatar.

The Avatar movie for Chaplin was viewed as a “Trojan horse cinema” due to how Cameron set out “to explore things that he finds important…like our relationship with nature, our relationship with people, our relationship with ourselves and the spirit.” It’s definitely exciting to see that more James Cameron Avatar movies are coming together and Avatar 3 sounds like his most explosive one yet.

What are your thoughts on Avatar 3 and its casting?

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