March 29, 2023

Michael B. Jordan Wants to expand the Creed-verse with Creed 4 and more films in the universe. Jordan has confirmed that Creed 4 is on the way in an exclusive with IGN during IGN Fan Fest. Michael B Jordan expanded on the idea of more Creed movies below:

“I just want to expand the Creed-verse within reason, but definitely expect other things around Creed for sure.”

It’s definitely great to see Michael B Jordan wanting to give this universe more room to run and expand itself. The third Creed movie is slated to come out in a few weeks and will definitely be the make or break for the series. Creed 3 will expand more on the story of Creed and less on Rocky.

There definitely is a lot to be excited about Creed and it’s future as it seems to be trying to be its own thing not just a shadow of Rocky. We have Creed 3 coming March 3, 2023, as Jordan’s directorial debut. Creed 3 will see Creed face off against childhood friend Damien “Dame” Anderson (Jonathan Majors). Creed 3 adding in a juggernaut actor like Jonathan Majors definitely will add to the appeal of the movie. Michael B Jordan and Jonathan Majors are two forces to be seen on the big screen. If anything, we can expect this one to feel different from the rest of the Creed movies with Michael describing some of the scenes as almost anime-like during an interview.

A huge Japanese anime influence,” with Jordan describing himself as “an anime nerd.” 

What are you hoping to see from Creed 3 and will you be watching?

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