March 22, 2023

The popular Five Nights At Freddy’s game is getting its movie adaptation via Blumhouse and has already started filming. Jason Blum shared the first behind the scenes photo for the FNAF movie that will be coming to us sometime in the next year. Five Nights at Freddy’s has been a project that’s been trying to get off the ground in Hollywood for some time now so the news came with delight from fans.

The festivities might still be going on for years though with Matthew Lillard revealing in a new interview of him signing up for 3 movies with Blumhouse. The reveal came during an interview with Matthew on a Magic The Gathering YouTube Channel which you can find below at 12:55

What do you think about Matthew Lillard now confirming Five Nights At Freddy’s will in face be a trilogy? This will definitely make an interesting scenario for all fans of FNAF. We all were excited for one movie but now the possibilities are even wilder to think of where this will go.

Will you be watching the FNAF movie?

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