March 29, 2023

The runtime for Ghostface’s new NYC adventure, confirmed by Regal Cinema and Paramount, is 2 hours and 3 minutes. This is 3 minutes longer than Scream 2, the previous longest film in the franchise, and 12 minutes longer than the original Scream. The length of a film doesn’t guarantee its quality, and Scream movies have always been on the longer side for horror films. However, this runtime suggests that the film could be an epic.

Scream VI, the highly anticipated horror movie of 2023, is set to be the longest film in the franchise. With its March release date approaching and fan theories spreading on the internet, excitement is growing. The film’s trailer received positive reactions from horror fans last month.

Ghostface returns deadlier than ever in Scream VI. The iconic slasher villain is back with a vengeance and a Ghostface shrine that connects all six films through endless Easter eggs and references. The shrine embodies the rich history and massive murder plot of the franchise. Get ready for an epic, brutal slasher with plenty of shocking moments in a longer runtime.

What Do You Think Of The Longer Run Time For Scream 6?

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