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‘The Outwaters’: A Descent into Madness!


The Outwaters is the new film from director Robbie Banfitch and it’s one that has to be seen with the volume up. In The Outwaters we follow a group of friends going to the Mojave Desert to film a music video. In the desert, the four are having a good time until the first night when strange noises are heard outside their tent. We then get a movie that goes from an innocent vlog into a mesmerizing first person POV descent into madness.

Sound is Killer!

There is a lot to rave about The Outwaters, one aspect in particular is the incredible sound design present throughout. Sound is always just as crucial to video quality and in The Outwaters it takes center stage. All these eerie sounds that just creep up on you as the movie progresses. You also notice little sounds throughout which have you questioning what exactly is going on till the very end. The imagery especially in the third act was some of the most hypnotizing and unnerving sequences in the film.

Fever Dream!

Robbie has some incredible shots that are just beautiful even with the context of what’s going on. A lot of practical effects as well that just are impactful and leave you in a state of shock and terror. The film played out like a fever dream that you can’t look away from, even the most gruesome parts. I found a lot of the film also works with what we can’t see happening or moving around the main characters. It’s common to hear especially in horror that less is more but it definitely works here in The Outwaters. You really are left with your imagination as to what’s happening, and it makes it that much more terrifying.

A Slow Descent into Madness

The Outwaters feels like a Lovecraftian story in its final acts as we witness a true descent into madness. The film is haunting and definitely will stick with you in the end. There was a lot to like in this film, so I feel like I’m nitpicking now but the pacing at the beginning is a bit slow. Of course, this might just be since the final act once it grabs you and gets going it doesn’t let you go. I also found it to be a bit too long and this is mainly with the set up taking a bit longer than I would’ve liked. Overall, though with those minor nitpicks I found the film quite enjoyable and one of my top found footage films of all time.

The Outwaters is mesmerizing and it’s this generations Blair Witch Project hands down. Robbie Banfitch has crafted a terrifying descent into madness that just has to be seen. This one is gonna stick with you and have you coming back.


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