March 29, 2023

Elizabeth Bank’s spoke with Variety about her new film Cocaine Bear. During their discussion, her interest to possibly direct Thor: Ragnarok came up. According to Banks, she has never been eager to direct big established franchises such as ones with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The only franchise movie that she was “really interested” in directing was Thor: Ragnarok. “Nothing ever happened”. She thinks “a call was made” regarding her potential pitch on Ragnarok to Marvel.

“No one called me [back],” she says. “Taika Waititi got the job. Rightfully so.”

Banks says she was intrigued with how Marvel changed Thor’s character to a more lighthearted hero than the brooming one. “I have a fondness for that sensibility,” Banks says, referring to the humorous tone of “Ragnarok”. “Being funny and having Chris as a self-deprecating lead character is my kind of vibe”.

During her discussion on Ragnarok, Banks abruptly stops herself, saying “I mentioned Thor” “You’re going to use that for clickbait in your article now. I never should have said it out loud”.

Banks doesn’t hold any grudges about not getting the opportunity to pitch for Ragnarok. When asked if she has contacted James Gunn, who directed her in Slither and is now co-head of DC Studios, she laughs and says, “I had a Catwoman movie pitch a while back, but I don’t think it fits the current agenda. But maybe someday”.

We do hope to see Elizabeth get a chance to bring a comic book to the big screen and are excited for Cocaine Bear later this month.

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