March 29, 2023

Jonathan Majors is definitely going to have an outstanding year in the film industry. He’s joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in February, starring in “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” where his character Kang the Conquerer will be similar to Thanos. In March, Majors will face off against Michael B. Jordan as the adversary in “Creed III.” He also has a haunting lead in the yet to be distributed Magazine Dreams.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Majors reflected on his reaction to seeing Ledger on the big screen as the Joker: “First of all, he was gorgeous. He had that jawline and didn’t care about anything. He moved his body so freely and was so full of life. I remember thinking, ‘I want that, I’m inspired.’ It takes a lot to be truly inspired.”

Majors Loved Heath Ledger In The Dark Knight

Majors wrote a personal essay for Variety to celebrate “The Dark Knight” making it to the list of 100 greatest movies of all time. At 18, he was blown away by the film. He called it “a rare gem that offers top-notch entertainment and challenges audiences to grow in self-awareness and understanding of society.”

“The Dark Knight” asks crucial questions about humanity and living life to the fullest, according to Majors. He wrote that the film “vividly portrays the complex and evolving morality of survival and the importance of goodness.” He believes the film’s enduring relevance stems from its portrayal of the truth that “life and people are wonderfully complex.”

We are excited to see what Jonathan Majors will bring to the table when we see him as Kang next week in Ant-Man and The Wasp Quantumania.

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