May 29, 2023

Jenna Ortega may have moved on from her role as Ellie Alves in “You” Season 2, but we almost saw her in Season 4. Showrunner Sera Gamble expressed hope for Ortega’s return in Season 4, as Ellie was one of the few survivors of Joe’s (played by Penn Badgley) toxic friendships. However, her role in Netflix series “Wednesday” caused some scheduling conflicts. Gamble told IndieWire.

“We wanted to bring Ellie back, but we heard that Jenna was busy with another show. We have ideas for Ellie’s return if her schedule allows it.” Meanwhile, Joe’s relationship with student Nadia (played by Amy-Leigh Hickman) only reminds viewers of his bond with Ellie, who was like a mentor to him.

Joe Goldberg’s relationship with his student, Nadia, reveals a lot about him, according to Gamble. “Despite his occasional tendency to kill abusive stepparents, Joe has a truly altruistic soft spot and sets good boundaries with young people,” she explained.

Ortega has her hands full with her role in the upcoming slasher film “Scream VI” and three additional movies, plus a second season of “Wednesday.” Gamble hinted at a possibility of other characters making appearances in Season 4 of “You.” “Any character who knows anything about Joe and is not dead is a fair target for justice, and even the dead characters can be active in Joe’s imagination,” she said.

Jenna Ortega still holds hope of reprising her role as Ellie in “You”. In a 2019 interview with Teen Vogue, Ortega expressed her desire to see Ellie come back stronger and more in control. “I want her to be an even bigger badass,” she stated. “I don’t want her to come back and be extremely vulnerable and sad. Ellie has so much potential and talent that she shouldn’t waste because of Joe.” With this in mind, it would be interesting to see Ellie rise above it all and reclaim her power.

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