March 29, 2023

Somebody I Used To Know is the latest film written by Alison Brie and Dave Franco with Franco directing as well. Alison Brie is the star of the film Ally. Ally reconnects with her ex Sean and starts to question her life and choices. Everything gets more complicated when she finds out Sean (Jay Ellis) is not available anymore and is actually engaged to Cassidy (Kiersey Clemons)

The film plays out like a rom com at first but soon feels more like a coming of age story for Ally. I enjoyed the aspects of the film where we explored Ally and her self reflection on her own life. Alison Brie having wrote the script alongside Franco really does flesh out Ally so well. A lot of the film is also very funny with sharp humor and great timing that keeps it feeling fresh throughout. The other actors do an amazing job at not feeling like stock characters either and having depth to them.

Somebody I Used To Know Coming of Age Story Rather Than A Romance

When the film navigates away from the rom com aspects and falls into Ally’s psyche is when it feels fresh. The strongest moments are when it dives deep into these characters feelings they have for life. The movie at its core works better as a character study than it did a rom com. Overall however I enjoyed the film and everything it touched upon about life

We Give Somebody I Used To Know 3/5

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