March 29, 2023

Fantastic Four definitely has to be one of the most anticipated titles announced by Kevin Feige last year during his Marvel presentation as to what’s next. The speculation of who would be playing Marvel’s first family is something that’s been brewing for the last couple of months. We might just be getting the casting announcements soon according to a Deadline reporter.

Justin Kroll recently shared that casting might begin soon

“while the film won’t shoot till top of ’24” the “word around town” is that Marvel is aiming to kick off their search “this month No names rumored for now but the belief is the focus will be casting Sue Storm first and building out the rest of team after she is set. Stay Tuned”

We are excited to learn who will be cast in all the roles of The Fantastic Four and wonder if the announcement will come all together or one by one. John Krasinski played the role of Reed Richards in the Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness film. It has been said however that his role was a one off and just due to the heavy fan casting he had. We don’t know for sure yet who will be on that list to cast but we will be updating as it follows.

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