March 29, 2023

Popfancy Dessert Bar is known for hosting an array of pop-culture related events, from Attack on Titan to its current event featuring the newest Ant Man film. As part of the event, the cafe is transformed and there is a specially curated menu of drinks and tasty treats.

What is it?

According to Popfancy’s website: “Immerse yourself in our pop-up quantumania cafe to celebrate the release of Ant Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (only in theaters). We’ve been busy experimenting with Pym Particles so prepare to feast on a brand-new menu featuring micro bite-sized treats, Pym Potions, and other super powered delights from our molecular gastro-kitchen. Surround yourself with other Marvel fans, life music on weekends, cosplay contest, Avengers trivia, and more!”

These events are really popular, so lines can be lengthy, but you can purchase a fast past through their website. However, while you’re waiting there’s plenty of cool things to look at in the cafe. There’s a wall featuring “Pym Technologies”, on this wall there are also items available for purchase such as Funko Pops. There’s also a life-sized Ant Man at the front counter.

Food and Drinks

As for drinks and treats, we got to try out several different items. All of the menu items range from $5.95-$8.95. We tried the Blue Pym Potion ($6.95), Kang’s Kiwi Lime Soda Quantumania Quencher ($5.95), Luis’ Micro Street Tacos ($7.45), Hive Mochi Waffles ($6.95), The Ant-Log Skinny Dogs ($7.95), and the Colossal Cone ($8.45).

Everything was really good. All of the drinks and foods are definitely shareable, so this is a great place to come with loved ones. Each item was also a lot of fun, and a lot of thought went into each. I loved the play on sizing, such as with the hot dogs and the tacos. The hot dogs were outrageously long and the tacos featured deliciously seasoned mini tacos with the addition of mini Tabasco and Cholula bottles.

One of the coolest items was the Colossal Cone, which featured dry ice, creating an awesome fog effect. If you want any of the items that feature this, you can also order the Walloping Watermelon ($7.95), Oversized Oreo ($7.95), and the Humongous Honeycomb ($8.95).


This was a fun event to check out and you have until March 19 if you want to check it out yourself. Additionally, Popfancy will have various events including a trivia night and cosplay contest.

Popfancy Dessert Bar is located in Houston, Texas on 9393 Bellaire Blvd. They are open from 1-10pm daily.

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