March 29, 2023

Cocaine Bear is a bonkers homage to classic 80’s B horror movies with a lot of laughs sprinkled throughout. The latest film from Elizabeth Banks is just an insane thrill ride from start to finish. It is based on the true story of a bear ingesting cocaine but that’s where the similarities end because the movie takes it a step further into a maniacal nightmare for everyone else. The film juggle multiple storylines that are all cleverly interwoven. A stellar cast that really performs well with one another but there’s one clear star.

THE BEAR is the standout and like any good horror icon the one you want to see. When it comes to a movie like Cocaine Bear you expect to see wackiness and that’s what you get. The films premise is simple but that’s what makes it so much fun. This is one of those movies you’re gonna want to see with a crowd. A lot of the fun from this movie was just enjoying the reactions. We had a man who was literally stomping and laughing throughout. Elizabeth Banks has some very awesome shots here that elevate the film. I also was happy to hear Mark Motherbaugh score that gave it that retro vibe as well.

The cast also from the youngest to the oldest all have great lines that will keep you laughing. It was great to see the great Ray Liotta in this who tragically passed away last year. One thing to also remember is this is also a horror that will have you jumping and on the edge of your seat. I was happily surprised there were good moments filled with tension. All in all Cocaine Bear was the movie I wanted it to be. A movie that’s filled with so many outrageous and genuinely terrifying moments. The movie does have some extravagant violence that might not be for everyone so keep that in mind.

We recommend checking out Cocaine Bear if you want a good B horror campy fun time. We recommend checking out Cocaine Bear if you want a good B horror campy fun time. 

Cocaine Bear 3.75/5

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