March 29, 2023

Swarm is the latest show from Amazon Prime from Donald Glover; Janine Nabers starring Chloe Bailey and Dominique Fishback. We had the chance to check out their pop up event at SXSW complete with a mini mart and all like in the show. Check out some of the photos we took at the event.


The event starts off with being able to see the car from the actually show used by Dominique Fishback’s character Dre. Once you walk on through you’re able to see the shirts being screen printed that you might win inside the mart. As you make your way down into the mini mart you immediatyly are transported to the mini mart you see in the show. It’s complete with all the snacks from the show and some bloody surprises throughout


You walk in with some money and lotto ticket given to you at the door. The money you’re able to use at the register for some snacks and the lotto is scanned. You never know what you might get with a winning ticket. I won an official shirt from the show!

We really enjoyed our time at the event which really immersed us into the show. Our review on the series will be out later this week as well. We also enjoyed the first two episodes shown at SXSW last night. Swarm premieres on Amazon Prime on March 17th so don’t miss it!

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