March 29, 2023

The ending of Scream 6 was definitely one to be seen with all of the surprises that were revealed. Who is Ghostface? The question we always start with and this movie revealed one in the first 10 minutes. If you want the video version of this to just listen check it out HERE Let’s get into all the twists and turns of the movie!

Scream 6 Ending Explained

Scream 6 opens up with Samara Weaving being the first victim and one we all saw coming. It turns out she gets killed by the first Ghostface who we find out is Tony Revolori’s Jason who is obsessed with previous killer Richie alongside his partner Greg. They want to finish Richies movie by killing Sam and Tara. Once Jason is back home however he is then stalked by another Ghostface who has killed Greg already and then kills Jason as well. The film then starts as we reconnect with the core four Chad, Mindy, Tara, and Sam. They are all dealing with the events of the previous film differently and Sam is the one who hasn’t quite been able to shake it off. She is seeing a therapist who is a bit uncomfortable with her and even wants to report her for the behavior she exhibits.

The group finds out about the new killings and are immediately get on the defensive but Sam and Tara are soon targeted and we see the bodega scene where Ghostface kills some patrons. Sam and Tara narrowly escape and we meet Detective Bailey who is the father of their roommate Quinn. We also reunite with Kirby who now works for the FBI and have Gale make it on to the scene also although there is some hostility between her and the Carpenter sisters. They feel some type of way after Gale wrote a book on the events of the previous film.

A More Brutal Ghostface

Ghostface then attacks the friend group at their apartment and this is where we see the brutality of Ghostface as they kill Quinn and newcomer Annika. This latest attack rattles the group and also destroys Detective Bailey as his daughter Bailey is killed. All signs now point to Ethan as he was the only one not present during the attack. The group then get word about a lair Gale has found that’s more of a shrine. They trace the shrine back to Jason and Greg who were the first Ghostface in the movie and decide to try and lure Ghostface out.

The plan doesn’t go as planned as Ghostface decides to attack Gale in her apartment instead of falling for Sam’s trap. Gales boyfriend is killed and Gale barely make it out alive as Sam and Tara decide to try and finish this back at the lair. On the way back however the group is separated with Ethan and Mindy riding a separate train also Mindy is suspicious of Ethan on the train. We soon then see a Ghostface appear and attack Mindy before running off, Ethan however gets her medical attention as Chad, Tara, and Sam arrive to the lair. Kirby is already here and the rest just wait for the plan to set in motion and finally take down Ghostface.

The Truth Comes Out! Who is Ghostface?

Once they are in the lair everything spirals out of control as there is already not one but two ghostface in the lair with them. Chad gets stabbed multiple times by two ghostface as the sisters try to survive. Sam believes Kirby is responsible as Bailey call her and tells her Kirby hasn’t worked for the FBI in months. Kirby appears bloodied and claims she’s been knocked out by the Ghostface and Bailey appears saying Kirby is Ghostface. The truth comes out when Bailey shoots Kirby and the two Ghostface appear next to him. Bailey shoots Kirby leaving only the Carpenter sisters alone to fend for themselves. The Ghostface unmask and we realize its Ethan, Quinn, and Detective Bailey who have been Ghostface all this time.

Why Did They Kill?

They explain that they are actually Richies family with Bailey being the dad and Quinn and Ethan his siblings. All they want is revenge for what Sam did to Richie back in Woodsboro. We then see Quinn and Ethan lunge to attack both Sam and Tara as the two fight them off. Sam and Tara eventually get the upper hand with Tara stabbing Ethan in the mouth and Sam shooting Bailey in the head. This leaves Bailey who fights with Sam and both fall off knocking each other out. When Bailey awakens we see him alone and he gets a call from Sam using the Ghostface voice modulator. She begins to stalk Bailey before popping up in the Ghostface costume and killing him with multiple stabbings. Ethan then pops up apparently not dead and lunges towards the sisters until Kirby pops up and throws the tv on him killing Ethan just like Stu. Sam and Tara exit together as we see Chad, Mindy, and Gale are all alive as the film concludes. Sam still has the Ghostface mask and seems enticed by it but drops it when Tara calls for her.

Why Did Richies Family Kill?

The family was out to just simply get revenge on Sam for killing their family member Richie. It wasn’t about the Stab movies or being famous, it was simply revenge. Detective Bailey was the best cover as it seemed he was genuinely trying to help the Carpenter sisters. The fact that they faked Bailey’s death also made her one you never could have guessed was the killer. In the end however Bailey tried to convince Sam that Kirby was Ghostface to get her out of the way but they didn’t fall for it. It’s safe to say that the Richie storyline could be over for now or could it just be getting started as Jason and Greg were simply obssesed with his ideas. The fact that Sam went full Ghostface could also be and indication as to what comes next for Scream 7.

What did you think of the ending to Scream 6?

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