March 29, 2023

Fall 2 is actually coming, yes, your eyes do no deceive you! Fall 2 is officially happening and here is the exclusive from DEADLINE. The creators of the vertigo thriller film Fall, which unexpectedly gained popularity on Netflix worldwide, are currently discussing plans for a sequel. British production company Tea Shop Productions and director Scott Mann are brainstorming ideas for another spine-chilling story that takes place at a great height, sure to leave audiences on edge.

Fall features Grace Caroline Currey and Virginia Gardner as friends who climb a 2,000-foot radio tower in the desert and become trapped. The indie thriller, produced with a budget of $5 million, grossed almost $22 million and has gained traction through positive word-of-mouth on streaming services such as Netflix, where it has even achieved top-10 rankings in four territories. It can also be streamed on Starz in the United States.

Despite not having received dedicated marketing support from the streaming service, the movie made an impressive debut on Netflix UK in January, according to Deadline. For two consecutive weeks, Fall has held the position of the second most-watched movie on Netflix in the UK. Only Luther: The Fallen Sun, starring Idris Elba, surpassing its performance.

James Harris, co-founder of Tea Shop, expressed his satisfaction with the audience’s enthusiastic response to Fall, which he credits to its simple premise and well-designed artwork and trailers. Harris said, “We were pleasantly surprised by how everybody has such a visceral reaction to it. It is one of those movies where word of mouth really helps.”

We definitely are anticipating what Fall could bring and will be reporting once more details arrive!

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