May 29, 2023

At this year’s SXSW, IMGN and Warner Music Group presented So Satisfying House. The house included several nights of various music genres including country, alternative, and global featuring Warner Music Group musicians. We got a chance to check out alternative night on March 14 with PinkPantheress, Cafuné, and Suego.

Outside the So Satisfying House which was at Mala Vida


We were a bit late, so we missed some of Cafuné’s set, but while waiting in line, what we heard was really good. Cafuné sounded really good and had a lot of stage presence. Each member of the band shined on stage, and vocalist Sedona Schat sang beautifully.


After the stage was set for Suego, the band brought out a lot of excitement from the crowd. However, that excited was cut short by issues with the audio equipment. The band tried their best to keep the crowd engaged, but the vocalist finally had it and stormed off the stage. I have to admit, the drama was kind of fun, but I did feel bad that they were having so many issues. Although their performance seemed to be canceled, they returned and performed really well.



Once it was time to set up for PinkPantheress’s performance, the venue really filled up with an eager crowd. There was so much anticipation for her performance, and once she arrived everyone was super excited. However, this excitement quickly died out. PinkPantheress did not shy away from the fact that she was lip-syncing, and she honestly had very little stage presence. I noticed many people left quickly, and we tried to make it through the performance, but it was honestly a bore, so we left about halfway through.


The alternative night at So Satisying House was awesome with the first two acts, but as much as I enjoy PinkPantheress’s music, her performance was a total letdown. I feel like she needs to add some sort of lightshow or something to make up for her lack in stage presence. I was surprised that I enjoyed Suego more, considering I had never listened to their music before. While leaving the show, we were also gifted some watercolor art books, so that was cool.

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