May 29, 2023

Swarm is the latest show from Janine Nabers and Donald Glover that takes a twist on the stan culture we see a lot today on social media. The story follows Dre a young woman who has developed and unhealthy obsession toward pop star Ni’Jah who has their own hive like another pop star we know. We soon dive into a world full of violence and dark turns for Dre as she tries to meet her idol. If you want the video version check it out here!

The show does a good job at starting off with showing Dre and her sister Marissa relationship and letting you know just how attached Dre is to her. Swarm kicks off into high gear after the first episode when Marissa dies and Dre feels responsible for not being there for her. This eventually leads to Dre confronting Marissa’s boyfriend who ultimately in Dre’s mind led to Marissas death. Dre’s first kill is what sends her into a downward spiral of more violence and murder as we see in the next episodes.

Dre’s Murderous Cross Country Trip

We eventually after seeing Dre come across a group of strippers and even a cult as she continues her murderous rampage. The end goal for Dre is to meet Ni’Jah as this was a dream of hers and Marissa. Dre ends up going back to her parents home who aren’t too fond to see her back. They make it very clear that Dre is not welcome and not part of the family and even almost end up killing her. The next episode introduces Loretta a detective on the hunt for Dre as she has connected all the murders and traced them back to her.

In the end of this episode we realize the show we’ve been watching is actually a dramatization of the actual events. It’s basically a show within the show and we also learn Dre is now going by Tony and has been arrested in Atlanta. Loretta will be making her way down there is the last thing we know from this episode. The final episode of Swarm seems to be a dramatization of the events that lead Tony to be arrested which was rushing up into a Ni’Jah concert. We also saw how Tony was trying to live a normal life with a girlfriend until things went south fast. Tony reverted back to their murderous tendencies with their girlfriend first and eventually a ticket scalper. In the final moments of the show however we see Tony rush Ni’Jah but actually be embraced by the artist who has Marissa’s face.

Was It All A Dream Or Reality?

Okay so what is going on? Did Dre really make it up with Ni’Jah and will now be by her side as she always wanted? We have to remember the final moments of episode 6 which are actually timeline wise the final shot of the show. The events in episode 7 are just simply a reenactment of the events that Loretta explained which got Tony arrested. We see in episode 7 that Tony wasn’t arrested but actually embraced by Ni’Jah. Why is that? The one thing to remember is that the show is told through Tony’s perspective and this is just part of their delusion. Tony also sees Marissa’s face on Ni’Jah because they adore and hold her to a high regard just like Ni’Jah. In Tony’s mind Marissa was the closest thing to Ni’Jah she could have so when Marissa died this is what caused her to snap. The opportunity Tony was looking for when trying to meet Ni’Jah was just a way to reconnect with the one person she felt close to and that was Marissa. It’s a very sad ending because as the viewer we know that Dre is not with Ni’Jah but is actually just in prison and Loretta is on her way to confront her.

What Do You Think Of The Ending To Swarm?

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