May 29, 2023

President Camacho (Terry Crews’ iconic character from the film, Idiocracy) came back from the future to announce that he’s running for president. Camacho was spotted throughout Austin, initially announcing his presidential candidacy on March 11.

On March 13 Camacho held his official launch party at Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden. The event featured Camacho branded Brawndo sports drinks for everyone to try, as well as Camacho bumper stickers and flyers. He introduced some of his musical friends: Armani White, Toasters ‘n’ Moose, and Thundercat.

President Camacho (Terry Crews) Photo Credit: Super Serious

Armani White

Known for his viral song, “BILLIE EILISH.”, Armani White had plenty more to offer than just this song. Armani White brought along two other musicians (I don’t recall their names), a singer and a saxophone player. Together, they were all a lot of fun and really engaged the crowd through their energy and with the help of some fruit snacks, which they threw out to the crowd.

Armani White

Toasters ‘n’ Moose

The eccentric duo known as Toasters ‘n’ Moose previously appeared in the 2010 comedy mockumentary film, Chickens. They became quite popular when their song “Taste the Biscuit” went viral. The two were a fun act, engaging the crowd through a funny hunt for lost underwear that were hidden throughout the venue. This was also the first time Camacho made an appearance from the upstairs area, dancing and vibing to their music.



Before Thundercat appeared, Camacho made his way down to the stage, explaining how the future is screwed and that he’s here to fix it. Before making his exit, he introduced Thundercat as his “great, great (I don’t remember how many) uncle.” Thundercat’s performance was relaxed and psychedelic, featuring a lot of instrumentals and his amazing voice. It was a great way to end the night with his melodic music.

Camacho’s launch party was a lot of fun. I had only really listened to Thundercat before this event, but I still really enjoyed Armani White and Toasters ‘n’ Moose. All of the branded merch was also a nice touch and heightened the experience.

Can President Camacho count on your vote?

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