May 29, 2023

Prime Video’s stan-worthy show, Swarm, invaded this year’s SXSW with a pop-up event at the Austin Motel.

The Motel’s lobby was transformed into a gas station and mini-mart, similar to the ones Dre frequented in the series. Guests were also gifted bloody dollars that could be used to purchase snacks and beverages. Additionally, guests received “lottery tickets” for a chance to win either a screen-printed Swarm t-shirt or a embroidered bucket hat. You also had the choice to take home a Swarm souvenir cup.

Before entering the convenience store, guests had the chance to check out Dre’s car from the series and listen to the series’ original soundtrack. While making your way through the line, you also had the chance to view the shirts being hand-printed, which was really cool. Once you made your way to the store, it was time to spend your money. I spent mine on a couple of bags of chips and a canned water.

While inside the store, there were clips from the show playing, as well as traces of Dre throughout the store. After buying my snacks, I redeemed my lottery ticket for a Swarm shirt, which was black and featured red ink. I also received a Swarm souvenir cup which was white with red font.

This was a really cool event to check out, especially after having watched the series. I was especially surprised to see that they had the actual car used in the show.

Have you watched Swarm?

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