May 29, 2023

The newest film featuring Willem Dafoe is here Inside and it all takes place in one apartment. This is definitely a film that won’t be for everyone but if you enjoy a good character study it’s a must. Willem Dafoe stars as Nemo, an art thief who gets trapped in a luxurious apartment. We slowly see Willem Dafoe descend into madness as he has no way of escaping once the security system traps him inside.

Dafoe as always, carries himself effortlessly throughout the film and gives a riveting performance. It’s a film that on paper sounds simple but to bring it to life is another thing. You have to really entrust in an actor to engage the audience for almost two hours and still be compelling by the end. Dafoe is at his best when we see him in these roles that can be perceived as extreme as Lighthouse from A24. If you loved his performance in that movie, you will surely be pleased with his performance in Inside.

Beautiful and Haunting Cinematography

When it comes to cinematography and camera shots, there’s a lot going on to give you that feeling that he is trapped in this massive rich prison. The wide angles alongside the ominous shots of emptiness really get you in the state of what’s happened. Overall, director Vasilis Katsoupsis is able to achieve this grand and intense look throughout the film. The story created by Vasilis and with a script written by Ben Hopkins is also very simple but layered with inner monologue and speeches from Dafoe that truly enrich the film.

A Little More Backstory

I will say for a story of just showcasing Dafoe, I do feel getting to know more of the character would have made the story that much better. It is interesting to see the survival moments and also ingenuity to try and escape that Dafoe showcases but there was a missed opportunity with getting to know Nemo. Overall, this is just a minor issue I had with the film that could’ve been addressed but didn’t take much from me. I still found myself enjoying the film overall and definitely one I would revisit to watch with someone who has never seen it before.

We give Inside a 3.75 out of 5 mainly because of Willem Dafoe’s performance and the beautiful cinematography. If you’re a fan of The Lighthouse this is definitely up your alley.

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