May 29, 2023

Swarm is the latest show from Donald Glove and Janine Nabers that takes a good look at stan culture. The premise of Swarm is one of a super fan who goes on a murderous rampage to meet their music idol. I won’t go into too many details as to avoid spoilers but Swarm really does pack a punch once things get going. Dominique Fishback of course is the stand out here with a performance that will be seen for years to come.

I really enjoyed seeing the show explore a lot of dark themes throughout but prominently the para social relationships many seem to have. In the instance of Swarm we have Dre who is obsessed with music icon Ni’Jah in the show who is clearly a reflection of a certain pop star in our real life with their own hive. Dre’s obsession becomes much more concerning once an event happens in her life that affects her family. I really enjoyed the first episode being able to set up the characters and story we will be following throughout the season.

The rest of the season follows Dre’s character as they get into several scenarios with very different characters across the country. Swarm is filled with many cameos including Billie Eilish playing a cult leader. A very good episode as well that showcases a very intense back forth between Eilish and Fishback. I think the cameos alone make Swarm that entertaining to watch and to top it all of all the actors are great. The cameos don’t ever take away from the performance that Fishback is giving but actually enhance it that much more.

Swarm at its core in my opinion is almost like a horror movie as we see a murderous rampage throughout the season. All of this makes me appreciate the dark look of the show as well as it being shot on film to truly elevate the look and feel. Dominique Fishback’s Dre is also expertly written but also performed just as great. Dominique Fishback gives a performance that is not only haunting but also tragic. There are many moments in Swarm where Fishback has no dialogue and is just doing facial expressions and truly evoking so much emotion in just that. A performance that is a masterclass when it comes to acting is exactly what we are given by Dominique. In the end I enjoyed seeing Fishbacks portrayal of Dre as this broken young girl who through a turn of events begins a life of destruction.

Swarm is both tragic and horrifying to watch making it one of the more raw and brutal things to see. It definitely packs a couple of punches to the gut but that’s what you need right? To feel something? Swarm will surely have you doing that and Dominique Fishback deserves to be seen especially after this show. We give Swarm 4.75/5 due to Dominique Fishbacks incredible performance and the haunting nature of the show.

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