May 29, 2023

Beef is hands down the best thing I’ve seen all year. I know that’s such a bold statement to start off a review but it’s just my truth. The show from A24 which you can catch on Netflix on April 6th really hit me in a way I haven’t felt in a while. Beef stars Ali Wong and Steven Yeun as two strangers whose lives become intertwined after a road rage incident. I didn’t know much more than that going into it and that’s the best way to approach this show.

A Life Changing Road Rage Incident

We soon find out that both Steven Yeun’s ‘Danny’ and Ali Wong’s ‘Amy’ are more complicated than imagined from the first episode. I really enjoyed the show and what Lee Sung Jin the creator was able to craft with the beautifully written story they were able to bring to life. A show that balances complexities of life very well and never feels one dimensional. Beef tackles many topics from class consciousness, depression, and of course the humanity in all of us. The show brought up a lot of feelings within me as I watched, laughed, and cried at the same time.

Ali Wong and Steven Yeun

Beautiful and Tragic

The cinematography and camera shots here also make the show feel like each episode can really stand on its own. The use of colors and also distinct shots really takes you into the heat of it all. I was in awe at the end of each episode how engrossing the series was and itching to get to the next episode like a book you can’t put down. The finale also was also a very transcendent experience and unlike anything I’ve seen in a while that left me speechless as the credits rolled.

The show is also layered with a 90’s soundtrack that just gives it that much more life and style. It’s a story of two very opposite humans when it comes to class with Amy being much wealthier than Danny. Although separated by economic class both are equally miserable in their personal lives. This starts unraveling as the story progresses with their family as well and we see the real Amy and Danny. Ali Wong and Steven Yeun both offer some great comedic and touching moments with a chemistry that is undeniable throughout the ten episodes.

Beef Series On Netflix

Life Changing Series

Beef as cliche as it may sound is truly life changing as a show with some many spiritual moments that leave you thinking about your own life. A cast led by Ali Wong and Steven Yeun that is equally as brilliant as the lead actors with David Choe being a clear stand out. The incredibly touching story that Lee Sung Jin is able to give us until the final episode is a feat to be seen. I can’t stress enough how much this show really encompasses humanity as whole. We really think if this is any indication as to the future of Netflix then we will be anticipating what comes next. Beef will be available on Netflix April 6th.

We Give Beef a 5/5

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