May 29, 2023

Secret Invasion trailer is finally out and the level of hype for us has gone up. The trailer lets us know Nick Fury is back for one more fight against the Skrulls. In the show we will see Nick Fury try to thwart an invasion from some invasive Skrulls on Earth. Fury will not be alone as Everett Ross, Maria Hill, and the Skrull Talos will be there by his side.

Emilia Clarke’s G’iah, who is a “refugee kid” Skrull who also happens to be Talos’ daughter. In the trailer G’iah doesn’t seem to take fondly to Nick Fury since he can’t keep promises. Fury was revealed to have been working with some Skrulls in a Captain Marvel post credit scene. There are good Skrulls but of course there are some not so welcoming ones as well. We also see familiar face Rhodey but that’s where the familiar faces stop as they make it clear the Avengers aren’t around. Nick Fury responds that this is a fight he will have to do on his own.

We are definitely excited for the show and if the trailer is any indication this might be Marvel’s best show yet. The look of the show give us the feeling that it will give us Winter Soldier vibes. In our opinion Winter Soldier is one of the better Marvel adaptations and really gave us a good espionage thriller. We do hope Secret Invasion will be the same. It definitely feels like a refresher from what we have gotten lately from Marvel and the change of pace is good. I’m definitely excited for Secret Invasion and can’t wait to check it out but let us know your opinion.


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