May 29, 2023

Robert Rodriguez recently attended SXSW to bring a couple of minutes of his latest film Hypnotic which stars Ben Affleck. The film teaser got rave reviews and the latest trailer is promising. Hypnotic follows David Rourke (Ben Affleck) who is dealing with the disappearance of their daughter. Rourke is then put on a case involving bank robberies that seem to be using hypnosis to do the crimes. This then unearths a clandestine mysterious government program connected to a criminal mastermind. We see Rourke aided by a psychic to try and uncover the truth about everything.

The trailer does a great job at letting you know things are about to get trippy. We also get a feel at the antagonist William Fichtner and just how his performance will be. It’s definitely checking off all the boxes of what we wanted this movie to be when we first hear about it. We hope that Hypnotic can become one of the surprise hits of the year with the combination of Robert Rodriguez and Ben Affleck. The film premiers May 12th and we will definitely be talking about it here! Check out the trailer below.

Will you be watching Hypnotic?

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