May 29, 2023

It has been a long time coming but we finally have a Super Mario Bros Movie. The Super Mario Bros movie is releasing this weekend from Illumination and Universal Pictures. We have a film that has been a wonder for everyone…. does Mario continue the videogame curse of so many or does it soar like Detective Pikachu and Sonic? I want to get into all that but first, let’s get into what this one’s all about. The film follows Mario as he embarks on an adventure with Princess Peach to save the world from Bowser.

I will start off by saying this is some of the best art in an animated film I’ve seen in a while. The amount of detail and precision to bring this world to life is unreal. There are shots where you are fully immersed into the game’s worlds. I also enjoyed the numerous callbacks and easter eggs throughout of the history of not just Mario, but also Nintendo. It’s definitely enough for any fan of the franchise but doesn’t get in the way for those not as versed.

The voice acting here was an issue even before the movie was made as many took to social media to express frustrations. We heard the reactions across the internet, especially to Chris Pratt being cast as Mario. I believe many will be pleased with the final result as the voices end up working and I honestly had no problem with them. A clear stand out when it comes to the voice acting will be Jack Black as Bowser. I do believe he might be the funniest character and has some of the most memorable scenes in the whole film.

The story in itself can feel a bit simple and fast at times, but in all honesty the games themselves are pretty straightforward. This is definitely a franchise that has a lot of legs to run due to the nostalgia, which there is plenty in this movie. I think the film does a great job at world-building and setting the stage for future movies in this franchise with some memorable characters and settings. There is however an issue for me on how short it feels and that’s coming from someone who always feels films are too long nowadays.

It was great to be reminded of what makes Mario great while at the same time showcasing the IP to those not as versed in the games. The Super Mario Bros movie works as a love letter to all those who enjoyed the games but also a gateway to those who have yet experienced them. We enjoyed the acting, world building, call backs, and the gorgeous animation in the film. The short run time and minor pacing issues were just some of the things we wish were fixed. Overall, we left the theater with a smile on our face and that’s all we ask for. The Super Mario Bros movie breaks free of the video game curse and joins the ranks of Sonic and Detective Pikachu!

We Give The Super Mario Bros Movie A 4/5.

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