May 29, 2023

Paint is a comedy film written and directed by Brit McAdams. It stars Owen Wilson, Ciara Renée, Michaela Watkins, Stephen Root, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Lucy Freyer, Lusia Strus, and Michael Pemberton.

Heavily inspired by PBS star Bob Ross, the film follows Carl Nagle (Owen Wilson). Carl sports permed hair and his signature pipe, whispering to audiences across the local community instructing them on how to paint landscapes. Confident and stuck in the glory of his past, Carl is totally comfortable in this situation.

The station is dealing with a lack of viewership and funding, which leads station manager Tony (Stephen Root) to suggest that Carl should film two shows back-to-back. However, Carl declines, and that is when a new, younger and more talented painter, Ambrosia (Ciara Renée) enters the picture. Ambrosia steals the limelight in every respect, from audiences to Carl’s ex-wife, Katherine (Michaela Watkins.)

No longer the center of attention, Carl must confront that change is inevitable. Carl proceeds to try and accomplish some of his greatest goals: have his work shown at the local art museum and try and mend his relationship with Katherine.

Overall, Owen Wilson as always is naturally charismatic and funny. Likewise, Ciara Renée, and Michaela Watkins were very charming. However, I feel like Paint didn’t know what kind of film it wanted to be; the beginning of the film started off much more comedic, and then it turned into some sort of a mix between romance and redemption. Although it has its flaws, I still enjoyed it and I especially enjoyed the aesthetics of old and new.

There is also a quick after-credits scene, so don’t miss it if you happen to check it out.

I would give Paint a 3.5/5.

Paint releases April 7, 2023.

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