May 29, 2023

Summoning Sylvia from writers, directors Wesley Taylor, and Alex Wyse is a fun time. The film revolves around a bachelor party that turns spooky. We follow a group of gay men who want to give their friend a night to remember and this includes staying at a haunted house. The party soon takes a turn when the brother in law of the bachelor comes over as well and the group performs a seance. We then follow as they try to uncover whats real and whats not during this spooky escapade.

The film stars Travis Coles, Frankie Grande, Troy Iwata, Noah J Ricketts, and Nicholas Logan. I thought the cast was great and the standout for me was Frankie Grande. Although the film does for the most part stick to the comedy it does have some tense and spooky moments. All of the actors really committed to each of these moments and truly delivered especially when it came to the comedy. I will say it wasn’t as scary as I was expecting but I’m happy with the final result. Summoning Sylvia actually has the right amount of scariness, campiness, and goofiness I wanted. The movie is quick when it comes to the jokes as it never has a dull moment in its run time. The writing and directing here is sharp and witty as we see the story interweave comedic moments with deeper underlying themes.

Although the film is short, I felt it was able to wrap its story nicely and end on a high note. I definitely want to see what’s next from both the writers and directors. The cast are also ones to keep on watch, as their comedic timing and great performances were really entertaining. Summoning Sylvia is definitely more of what I want to see in the industry with studios taking more risks with stories that we don’t see much of.

We Give Summoning Sylvia a 3.7/5 due to its great comedic elements and lovable characters.

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