May 29, 2023

The Conjuring universe is set to have TV show that will premiere on MAX the new HBO rebrand. A show that will focus on what’s already established in the movies. It’s just the latest of many IP’s Warner Bros has getting their own TV show for Max. We definitely have a lot of routes the show can take.

I would love to see this be more of an anthology series that focuses on various items in the museum the Warrens have. I enjoyed Annabelle Comes Home which sort of explored this idea. If they were to make the concept into sort of an adult goosebumps I would be 100% on board. The Conjuring has definitely been one of the more successful horror franchises so it was a no brainer to continue its legacy.

We of course have no details but will continue to update you as they come out. What would you like to see in a The Conjuring TV universe? Let us know your thoughts and opinions and make sure to follow us for more on all the things you love in pop culture.

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