May 29, 2023

Ghosted is the latest film from Chris Evans and Ana De Armas reuniniting them after Knives Out. The film revolves around Ana De Arma’s Sadie who is a secret spy and Chris Evan’s Cole who is a seller at a farmers’ market. Once they blossom a relationship Evans is quickly thrown into this spy world he never asked to be in. Ghosted then takes turns balancing the action spy thriller with a rom com. This is where the movie can get a bit messy, as there really isn’t enough time to appreciate the romance.

I enjoy Ana De Armas and Chris Evans for the most part in this movie but feel the chemistry between the two isn’t there. It definitely has to do with the movie not allowing that to breathe and quickly jumping from point to point. If this were more of a straight up romantic comedy or action film, you might have something on your hands. I will say there are definite moments that seem to be taking the film somewhere but are quickly lost.

Ghosted is definitely a film that can be tolerable depending on the mood or occasion but there is a lot left to be desired. I really would have preferred the film to have just been a straight up rom com as I feel the action is lacking. There definitely is a good movie in here somewhere but it gets muddled with all the unnecessary plot turn and cameos. Overall, we enjoyed some moments in Ghosted but still feel it could have been way better.

We give Ghosted a 2 out of 5.

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