May 29, 2023

Attack of The Doc! looks to finally give answers to all those wondering what happened to Attack of The Show! The program was one of G4’s most popular shows. The documentary comes from Chris Gore one of the main pillars from G4 and Attack of The Show. I was excited to see what would be said of Attack of The Show as a viewer of the program during its peak between 2005-2008. We get a documentary that for the most part satisfies in bringing the nostalgia of the show back and also giving us the history of some of the turning points in the company.

This documentary gave me a lot of information that I was not aware of and the full picture of what went wrong with Attack of The Show. They do acknowledge the overall offensiveness of some of the segments and try to say this is a reason it could not air today. I definitely can look back at these moments and realize that they haven’t aged well at all and would not fly today. Humans change and choosing what is offensive is just a part of progress, so I wasn’t too fond of the parts where the documentary uses the word “woke”. The documentary however then keeps going, and in its final 15-20 minutes feels like it never really knows that the changing state of media is what caused the end or decides to ignore it and just say things are too “woke” today.

I enjoyed the documentary for the most part as a way to look back at a show that was a huge part of my high school days. There are a lot of clips that brought back a lot of memories and have me missing the show. However, it becomes a hard watch when it tries to blame the culture of today for its downfall. The watchers of the show have grown up, but I don’t think the show was able to evolve with its viewers. I do hope sometime in the future we can see Attack of The Show return in some capacity. Until then, all we can do is wait.

Overall, we give Attack of The Doc! 3 out of 5 stars purely based on nostalgia for the show but wish it didn’t try to use the “woke” card.

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