May 29, 2023

Citadel is the latest show from Amazon Prime star Priyanka Chopra and Richard Madden as two elite spies who are thrust back into the spy world. I will be giving minor spoilers throughout so if you have not caught up to the show definitely come back later. The show starts off at the height of both characters Nadia and Mason on a secret mission that just seems routine.

They quickly find out this is not going to be any simple mission as it is a set up to take down the organization they work for, Citadel. We then see an explosion that is a domino effect in which all the other Citadel agents are taken out and both Nadia and Mason lose their memory. The story picks up years later as Mason who now goes by Kyle and has started a family and Nadia is now working at a restaurant and going by Charlotte. They however are soon brought back to the world of spies as Bernard played by Stanley Tucci needs their help to take down the organization that brought Citadel down, Manticore.

The first episode does a great job at thrusting you straight into the action with some awesome fight scenes and explosive scenes on the train. Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra definitely pack a punch as a duo from the first episode as they seamlessly blend cool and kick ass. The twists and turns in the story also caught me off guard and kept me engaged to see what was coming next. I really enjoyed also how the first episode was more centered around Mason’s character and the second episode was on Nadia. The way they structured it really let me get to know where both of these characters are coming from and raises the stakes once things start going fast.

Stanley Tucci as Bernand is a wonderful character that pops up to provide great comedic relief but at the same time leaves you with more questions. I really enjoy the way Tucci navigates this character that you’re not sure if you should fully trust or keep an eye out for. There is a mystery about Mason’s character that he knows and also Nadia but like Mason we the audience are left in the dark. I definitely am eager to learn what exactly they are hiding from Mason but in the meantime we have Manticore to worry about.

The organization of Manticore is as menacing as you might expect with a very entangled presence in governments and our society there’s no one you can trust. This raises the tension in the show as we see Mason and Nadia now teaming up to uncover the secrets of the organization and also save Bernard who has been taken by Manticore. I really enjoyed the first two episodes as they take me back to classic spy shows. There is enough mystery and cool actions sequences to keep me engaged and see how the show will conclude. I hope with a total of 6 episodes that they are able to land the show perfectly as these first two episodes show promise of a fun thriller. We will be covering the rest of the episodes here so stay tuned for more.

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