May 29, 2023

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 Final Trailer was just released today and gave us a better look at what we can expect from the finale. The final trailer for Stranger Things seems like a longer version of the teaser we received during the NBA Finals although this one raises the stakes. We definitely get the impression that our finale will be on a much more epic scale than anticipated. Let’s run down some of the biggest reveals from the new trailer.


The last time we saw Nancy at the end of Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 she was stuck in the upside down. Nancy learned the truth about Vecna while she was trapped in the upside down in the ending of Volume 1. In the latest trailer we see Nancy out and getting ready to take down Vecna but just how exactly will she get out of Vecnas grip? I have discussed this before but I believe Eddie shredding his guitar will be the way to break the spell. I go more in depth here about what exactly could happen with that. It’s great to see Nancy join the group again in the trailer.


We also see Steve safe for now but with a lot of rumors of a big death looming for the cast it’s too early to say he will survive. Steve has really been one of the characters that has grown so much since season 1. The talk he’s having with Robyn in this scene has me thinking he knows that it’s about to get real. Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 sounds like it was just child’s play compared to what’s coming. I just hope Steve really makes it out!


Will has definitely been a character I feel has been pushed to the side so much. We definitely saw him feeling like a third wheel to Mike and Eleven throughout season four. It looks like Will knows about Vecna from prior experience which is likely from his time in the upside down. Will seems to tell Mike this and I feel this might cause a rift in their relationship due to him not communicating this to them prior. Jonathan seems to be comforting Will in the picture which might just happen after this fall out between Mike and Will.


I believe the biggest piece of this trailer is Eleven and Vecna seemingly in their final battle. Eleven having the Creel household behind her definitely has us excited that she has found her way into Hawkins and a big meetup. Vecna and Eleven reuniting again to have one more final showdown will just be beautiful to see, and this trailer really put me in my feels with everything that’s coming.

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 Will Drop July 1st! Who’s Excited and Ready To Watch This Finale Let Me Know!

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