May 29, 2023

Jason Momoa is Dante in FAST X, directed by Louis Leterrier

The Fast & Furious franchise, a global sensation that has captivated audiences for over two decades, is entering its final chapters with the release of its tenth film, Fast X. Fast and Furious continues to push the boundaries of whats possible and we keep loving the intense races. The recently unveiled final trailer sets the stage for an epic conclusion, promising a thrilling ride that will test the strength of Dom Toretto and his family like never before.

Buckle up for the most explosive finale in cinematic history! Fast X is set to shatter records and dominate conversations worldwide, as the recently unveiled trailer ignites a wildfire of anticipation. Prepare yourself for jaw-dropping stunts, mind-bending chases, and an emotional rollercoaster that will leave you begging for more. As the Fast & Furious franchise reaches its thrilling climax we can’t help but to get emotional at saying goodbye to these characters. Get ready as the Fast & Furious family is out to conquer the world—one heart-pounding moment at a time!

Fast X opens in Theaters May 19th

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